Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm a "grumpy gus, prick"

So every morning this week between 7:35 am and 8:00am and again between 8:30 pm and 9:00 pm I received a call from "P T INDUST INC -- 303.420.0620." I haven't been home whenever these folks called and they left no message. I called them back and this number is associated with "Friendly Towers Retirement Community". I have a few friends in Denver, but none of which live at the FTRC (fyi: 303 is a Denver area code).

This morning at 7:35 am these folks called again. This time I picked up the phone (mind you, I was sleeping when they called). After a slight delay and me saying "hello" 3 times, the old man -- you could tell he was old just by the way he talked -- He told me he was making a courtesy call from Men's Journal magazine and wanted to know if I had been receiving my subscription. I told him I hadn't received it in a month or two (which may have been a lie, I don't know when I get my magazines). His response - "Did your subscription expire". Of course it is 7:37am at this point and I am tired. I in turn, ask him "If you are really calling as a courtesy from MJ Magazine, shouldn't you know if my subscription expired". Of course, he starts to stutter. He then says "God dammit. Since you are a grumpy gus prick, I won't offer you this special reduced rate on a renewal. Have a good god damn day...prick".

I was shocked. I couldn't even respond. Gramps hung up on me. I immediately call back and get the standard main office recording for FTRC again. I found a copy of my MJ magazine -- my subscription ends in August of 2012 -- why would I want to extend this subscription any more? Was he some sort of identity thief, or some crippled mean veteran making his $2/hour, or worse yet, was he some criminal "earning" his keep in the state prison system? In any event, don't fucking call me at 7:30 on a Saturday morning.

Of course this begs the question -- why do I even have a home phone?

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David said...

So the business model for P T Indust Inc is to repeatedly call, then harass and not sell magazines you already bought... I wonder if they need help.