Monday, January 19, 2009

Los Angeles

I love the flights to LA. It always seems more glamorous than the flights to Hartford (BDL), Seattle (SEA), or Cincinnati (CVG). I never notice an celebrity. I also doubt I would ever recognize a celeb unless someone told me who they were.

My travel companion didn't get his upgrade, so he is in the back. We are on a nice 767. I have lots of work to do on this flight....but I am sure I will have time for a nice glass of wine or two.

Plans for tonight: going to the Lakers/Cavs game, then dinner. Meetings tomorrow start at 730am PST. Ugh.

I never sit next to anyone attractive. Of course there is a gorgeous passenger on the other side of the plane... Can't chat him up as this is a wide body plane and talking over 3 people would be too awkward...

Ok, door closing. Blog again in LA!

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