Thursday, January 15, 2009


So, everyone who reads this knows I love to travel. The whole experience truly excites me. Tonight was an opening exhibit at the CAF (Chicago Architecture Foundation) about O'Hare. It had about 12 photos of ORD (FYI O'hare's code is ORD because it was initially called Orchard Field). ORD is one of my favorite airports in the US. I love National, LaGuardia, and Portland almost as much as I love ORD. Most people hate ORD, from what I gather. I seems like a second home to me. When I land there I know I am where I belong. I know everything is alright. The smell instantly reminds me of safety.

The CAF did a nice job at the opening. The wine was served on a moving wheeled tray, which reminded people of the old days of free booze served by a stu (stuartess or flight attendant for the PC crowd).

It was an interestingly timed exhibit too. First off the exhibit was very small, very limited, but I liked it. Today a US Air plane crashed into the Hudson River. The plane remained intact and everyone survived, which is totally amazing for a water landing.

I spent much time talking to a Stu from United who does the ORD-CDG trek weekly. So fascinating. He has worked for UAL for 30+ years and he totally loves it. Truly had passion for his job. He fills in on other flights so he gets his max flight hours, but never on the same flight regularly. He was so informative. I think I would like the job of a stu, if I could drink heavily while working, go where I wanted to, when I wanted to, and not deal with passengers... Oh yeah, and make some good cash while doing it.

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David said...

That job like most probably would be great but for the ducking customers...

And as for below, how bug of a problem is a frozen off cunt? In general, and for you specifically.

Do you have a new home picked out? Or the timeline only? New neighborhood?

Looks like our cold front went south and got stronger, or you got the northern end if it that we missed. I'd take it back now over this melting here.

Anywho, off to suschi.