Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Drained. Tired. Procrastinating.

I hate coming back from vacations. I am always so pissed off and exhausted. I never ever want to return to the real world. This usually only happens when I am completely disconnected and out of the office for a longer period. Most of my vacations are only 3-4 days. For my birthday I was gone for 5.5 days, it was bliss. I might write about it here, or I might not. If you want to know the details (and become very jealous) email me. I did contact a couple time share vacation rental places for pricing and rental specs. I just loved the heat and the relaxation of the desert. I don't think EAD and JFB thought I was digging it too much, but I was -- I was so relaxed. It was perfect.

Since I got back to work, I feel that I am just drowning in it. I'm having a hard time getting certain people motivated and getting some major projects moving forward in an timely manner. Sometimes I just feel like I want to ask people "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?"

I met with my coach yesterday. He is pleased with my "progress" towards my 2009 goals. I of course couldn't disagree more. I'm always beating myself up. Here are a couple of my goals and the progress I've made (in no particular order):

* Study a new language (read a children's book by the end of March 2009) -- picked Spanish (Spain, not Latin) and have studied about 4 hours of lessons. It's pretty much all review, as I took 3 years of Spanish in High School

* Find a new charity to volunteer with. After quitting the Children's Place last June, I have been trying to find a small non-profit that would really benefit from my support. I was hoping to find group that had some glamour to it as well -- I do want to help needy people, but I'd like to be around like minded, attractive people with good jobs. Not only is it a charity -- it is a social period too. I kept looking for a health care related charity, but am narrowing my search down to a couple of arts charities. I'll still be involved with the Architecture Foundation, but am looking at a small theater group, an outsider art gallery/museum/educational institution, and a couple of others that are along the same vein, but I've just done less research on, so I can't provide loads of details.

My coach often comments on how "service" is a big part of my personality. I would never have thought that myself. Charity (NFP) work is important to me. Acting as a resource to friends/family is important as well. Civic mindedness is also very important. Mentoring/guiding colleagues/staff/etc is important too. Who knew?

Perhaps one of the reasons I feel gross now is because my diet has really changed to crap lately and my work out plan has been totally non-existent.

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