Thursday, February 12, 2009

Here I am again

Everyone who knows me, knows how much I hate to arrive at the airport early. I like to arrive with enough time to zip through security, grab a bottle of water and get on the plane.

Today was a bit extreme even for my tastes. I left the office shortly after 4pm for a 5:44pm departure. I took the train because I completely distrust the Kennedy, especially in rush hour. The train got me into ORD a few minutes before 5pm.

I hurry upstairs to the bag check (I had checked in online already, just needed the bag tag). DENIED! Can't check a bag any less than 45 minutes prior to departure. I had 43 minutes until departure. I had to beg for them to check it. I am pretty sure my bag won't make it, which means I will have to loiter at the airport until the next flight gets in. I bet they won't deliver it as a courtesy because I was late. Ugh.

I then go through priority security. It was packed. I haven't seen so many people in this line ever. 10 minutes to get to the scanner. We run out of bins. Finally get the bins after loads of confusion. Then, you guessed it: my bags along with the bags of one very thin, tall and angry Asian woman. It took 3 grunts, two supervisors and a suit to figure out how to release my bag its radiation prison.

At this point it is 5:22. We leave in 20 minutes. Of course my gate is C27... The absolute farthest hate possible in terminal 1. I hurry (I didn't run, couldn't be THAT guy) to hear them angrily calling my name at the gate. Got on board at 5:31, 3 minutes before the door closes. Ugh.

I didn't get my water. But I will be in Portland at 815pm, barring metal fatigue or pilot error. I can't enjoy loads of bad wine on this flight because I am renting a car and driving home. Ugh.

Hopefully no more flight updates.

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