Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lonely on my pedestal

I am heading back to Chicago. My upgrade did clear. This is another small plane -- and A319.

I have heard three people so far come to the stu and ask to have their seats changed. When the stu says the only way to get a new seat, you'll just have to ask someone to switch seats with you. Which isn't a bad thing, it is actually very common, these folks don't care for it at all. One guy turned to me and asked if I would switch with him. Fuck that, you donkey.

I still love flying in and out of Portland. It is such and easy airport and everyone boards so quickly and smoothly. I had sushi at Rose City Cafe with LMP. It was good to catch up with her. The fish was good this time.

I am in Chicago for about 40 hours this time, the odd to the Big "D" on Tuesday.

No one interesting sitting next to me on this flight.


David said...

What if you had switched seats?

neill said...

the world is full of monkeys and donkeys. and they all like to fly.