Monday, March 30, 2009


So, I think I hate the ASPCA. Those god damn Sarah McLaughlin commercials make me want to cry every time I watch them. Watching those sad dingos and pussies is not something I want to see. Of course when i see those commercials I call Lilly into sit with me. Usually the commercials come on when she wants to be left alone -- and of course, I have none of that.

I track her down and make her come sit with me to make me feel better about not helping this little animals. Believe me, I don't want 52 cats running around my house and I can't have a dog -- I'm too lazy to take it for walks and I'll be god damned if I ever pick up animal feces. I just can't believe people are so crazy they would just abandon an animal -- take it to a shelter or better yet -- keep the animal and love it. They love you.

I had a friend from a previous place of employment who had a cat who started to have bladder problems -- he'd start peeing all over the place. Then this girl got a new boyfriend and started spending lots of time away from home. The cat's behavior got worse. The house began to stink so bad, the landlords came in and shampooed the carpets (how gross must that have been????). So instead of telling the new BF that she would like to spend more time at her house, she decided to take the cat to the vet -- not to figure out why he's urinating so much, but instead she had the cat put down. It makes me so mad that people out there are so selfish.

Granted -- I've had Lilly since 2003 and have not taken her to the vet once, but I would never do anything to hurt her.

Here is the commercial for your viewing displeasure. This isn't the specific commercial I saw, this one is Canadian -- and is worse than the one I saw.

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Jennifer said...

OMG I totally get all sad when I watch those commercials. I actually started donating to our Humane Society quarterly because of it!! Two days ago I did actually cry when I watched the Laurie Metcalf(sister from Rosanne) save the children commercial, Joe laughed at me.