Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So this Risk Management and IT conference is actually pretty good. The best part is the face time with the decision makers from the IT company. Yesterday was a very long day. I was up working at 0600, at the conference by 0730, finished with meetings at 1800, went to dinner at 1830 then headed back to the hotel after the cocktail reception around 2215.

Started today at 0630 again. Although the break out sessions weren't all that helpful, but I did get to think about alternative ways to get our IT issues fixed. So all in all not too shabby.

Tonight is a closing reception. It's pretty sad when I am the coolest guy in the room. Ugh.

My plans for tonight include getting a green beer, and going to bed.

My flight tomorrow is at 1337, so I have plenty of time to work and maybe go shopping. Any place with sales tax less than 10.25% seems like a big sale to me.

Right now I am sitting outside at the marina drinking a pina colada with a dark rum floater (thanks EAD and JFB for breaking me of my loathing of coconut drinks). San Diego is so fucking beautiful. I think I could easily move here and never regret it for a moment. Fuck 4 seasons.

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