Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Last Day in San Diego

I am standing in the gate area at San Diego airport. United isn't a big player here, so there isn't a lot of space. My flight leaves at 1337, flights to Denver, San Francisco, Dulles and Chicago all leave within 30 minutes of each other. This place is a mad house.

I left my hotel at 1210, and was through security and at my hate by 1230, not too bad, but that just means I have to spend time crowded around a smelly trash can until we can board.

This conference was good, but the attendees were so unique. Like Babe, pig in the City. It was like these people have never seen an open bar before. This was a very funny sight for me. These three yokels from Harrisburg PA were the epitome of class. They were from the Association of County Commissioners of Pennsylvania...sounds almost as glamorous as my firm. One of the women had what I call Wal-Mart hair... You know, big Jersey claw bangs and spiral curls in the back. The front has half a can of hair spray holding it in place, while the back has about 2 full handfuls of extra crunchy gel to hold the "curl". On the plus side she smelled like an ashtray.

Her colleague chose not to wear a bra the second also seems like she forgot her spanx too. There was a whole lot of jiggling going on. It was almost hypnotic, if it hadn't been vomit inducing.

The final person in this Harrisburg Triad of the Damned was a big mo. He was far from attractive and evidently they don't have mirrors OR self respect in the capital of the Keystone State. He was drinking raspberry mojitos, which actually sound pretty good to me. He had a few too many and decided to find other gay men in the room and call them his bois. I assume this is how he would spell it. He was dissatisfied that all the gays didn't follow suit and join his silly entourage. I left early that night. After I left I heard that he went up to an attractive straight guy and tried to persuade him to switch teams and join him in the wash room. A friend who works for the company putting on the conference had to strong arm him and remind him he should be professional. While being called on the carpet he decided to start touching the guy who was telling him to shape up. Come on! What a mess.

All in all it was a good trip to San Diego. I don't want to leave, but I must get back to reality.

JDE comes in Friday morning for the CAF Gala. We always have a great time. I think this trip will be less extreme as I think we are both keen on not spending a ton of cash. Also, I need to find a way to drop some belly fat before the gala, if not I think I might have to either wear a kilt or just go sans pants. Which would you choose?

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David said...

Sans pants I have, a kilt would be harder to come by. Probably the better choice... You could probably get a deal this week.