Thursday, March 26, 2009


I am off to PDX again tonight. I figure this will be one of my last family trips to Oregon. I continued my tradition of watching a plane crash movie before departure...completely unintended this time.

LB and I went to see The Knowing. It wasn't all that terrible of a film, I just wish Nicholas Cage would take the marbles out of his mouth when he is "acting". Anyway there is a very unique perspective of a plane crash at Logan (BOS). I wouldn't say it was disturbing but it was brought to a whole new level.

Anyway, JB is picking me up at the airport tonight. I am afraid my flight will be delayed and picking me up will be an outrageously annoying undertaking for him. I always hate putting people out.

I am leaving on the same flight I did in February, but instead of leaving the office at 4pm for a 545 departure, I think I will leave about 330, I don't like to get to the airport early, but I really don't like to run through the terminals either.

I am sure I will torture everyone with travel updates tonight as I am bored on the plane.

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David said...

Hopefully no travel updates means things are going smoothly...

Or you might be incapacitated in an O'Hare restroom. No under divider shenanigans, that can wait for the terminal or airplane cabin.

We have a volcano mucking up air traffic here, nothing on the ground (in Anchorage). Get this for luck: One of our PA's who just moved up here is selling a house in North Dakota... Her husband was to fly down today, to move the rest of their stuff out for a 3/31 closing. Volcano here so he can't fly, floods there causing who knows what kind of damage.

Anywho, hope the trip is as good as possible. Our regards.