Sunday, March 29, 2009

Returning to Chicago

I am in a taxi returning to PDX. JB (of JB and JLPB) picked me up on Thursday night. Things like that really make me happy. I know it is a total pain in the ass, but it is nice to have someone pick you up at the airport. We had airport sushi, then a quick ride home.

I had an old box of Star Wars toys, not original, but the ones that came out when the first there movies were re-released. I had this crazy idea that I could make a million dollars off these toys. Unfortunately, almost everyone who bought these toys had the same idea as I did. 12 years later and they are selling for half the retail price on eBay. I did get a great return on investment though. The picture of JBs kid with the toys was priceless.

Heading back to the airport now. It has taken 70 minutes to go from Mac to Tigard. What a mess. My flight is at 140, so I will have plenty of time for sushi and a beer.
Evidently there is a blizzard in Chicago today. Sometimes I just hate spring.

Tomorrow I have a lunch with my Senior Vice President (my boss) and my Executive Vice President (boss of my boss). Not sure what this is all about. It isn't part of a regularly scheduled meeting. Just out of the blue. I'm not getting fired, I just had a fantastic review, plus bonuses were paid out earlier this month. If they were going to fire people they wouldn't pay out a bonus!

There are some things going on outside of work that I won't talk about until things are finalized, but it is hugely dramatic... Life changing... Well maybe not that dramatic. It will change the way I live, but its not like I am getting married, having a kiddo, or getting my foot chopped off. I hope to write about it later this week.

Since I know you are all one edge of your seat about my travel plans, I did get the upgrade today.

My Uncle Duane was over yesterday. He was asking about my travel plans and if I liked to travel. He then entertained is with stories of his dinners out for business. He and I see very different people. If the world was full of Tims I think we'd all kill ourselves. Let's just say I would not enjoy traveling/entertaining with my uncle.

Barring pilot error or metal fatigue I will be home in 8 hours. Ugh.

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