Sunday, March 15, 2009

San Diego - Day 1

People I travel with often say I don't like anything. That is far from the truth, I just have exacting standards. In my job, I provide exceptional service (just look at my performance review from Friday). I expect this from the people I deal with, both on a personal and a professional basis.

I am staying at the Marriott Hotel & Marina. I have stayed here once before, and really like it. I got a nice bay/harbor/pool view room, with a balcony. I was feeling a bit under the weather last night, so I decided to have a quiet evening at "home". I went to dinner at a restaurant on property, called Roy's. There is one in Chicago, but I haven't been there in years. Dinner was good. The service was exceptional.

When eating alone service can be hit or miss. They were great.

Today I got up at 730 local, and watched the news, finalized one project for work and had a great breakfast of chicken quesadillas and coronas. Nothing says the Ides of March like Mexican food, eh?

I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on my balcony listening to the water, watching the boats and enjoying coronas. Which is strange, because normally I don't like coronas.

For lunch I had lime chips and mango salsa. All in all a good day.

My conference starts tomorrow at 730am, so it will be a quiet night tonight too.

I am here with two colleagues. One I travel with regularly, the other has never traveled with our company, although he has traveled extensively for his previous employer. Will be interesting to see how it turns out.

I am so excited for spring, the weather here is just fantastico. I just wish it were 10 degrees warmer. Can't have everything, can we?

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David said...

How long is your conference? Maybe you can have everything.

Sun 61°F | 52°F
Mon 67°F | 54°F
Tue 70°F | 54°F
Wed 74°F | 54°F

And I do think mexican for breakfast could lead to an Ides of March to remember (I just had burritos, for lunch...).