Saturday, March 14, 2009

San Diego, here I come

I went out last night. Had sushi, some wine, some beer and a tequila shot. Odd combo, I know. The sushi was good. The wine was fine and the beer/tequila was silly.

I got up and packed this morning...god only knows what I will find in my suitcase when I get to San Diego. I thought I was running later than I was, so I took the cab all the way to ord. Now I am here, waiting. My flight leaves in an hour, I've been here for 30 minutes already. Torture.

My plans for SAN today: check into the hotel, unpack, get a hair cut, explore the city, or coronado island, might do sushi again for dinner too.

I forgot my sun glasses at home too. I am thinking about buying these glasses... Let me know your thoughts.


David said...

Those look too small, but may do the trick. Have fun.

Jennifer said...

I hope you have a good time. I'm thinking about talking Joe into taking a long weekend again and heading back down to Sac to see the fam. I bet the weather is better than up here!