Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Traffic and "Break Up"

A friend from Alaska talks about "Break up" from time to time. As I understand it, it is this time in spring when the frozen wasteland starts to thaw -- the ice breaks up.

In Chicago we have the same sort of thing. Each spring when we start to emerge from our deep freeze, when the days are getting longer and the wind doesn't take your breath away, we have our own break up.

Over the past two years we've had pretty tough winters here: lots of snow, extended periods of wind chills well below zero, etc. Last year with the constant freezing and thawing our roads were pretty beaten up. Throughout the summer I didn't see much activity on repairing the damage-- remember I don't drive here so unless my bus guys a pot hole, I probably won't know...and my daily commute doesn't deviate too much, so I could just be seeing the same big ass pot hole each day.

Since these big holes weren't fixed last year, the just grew more this year.

Over the past 5 days we've had torrential rains and flooding. Of course this doesn't help the braking up of the roadways. With the big rains over the weekend the sewers were overflowing, which caused more break up.

I love my commute. Usually it takes 20 minutes door to door, which gives me enough time to read the morning headlines, blog or catch up on emails. I left early today. I was out my front door by 755, which is very early for me. It is now 911 as I writer this, and I am about half way to work. I am on a packed bus, with a seat, so it could be worse...but am going stir crazy. For some reason I can't get mobile web or email access this morning, so I feel very disconnected, and bored.

I need a vacation.

Speaking of vacations. I am off to a conference in San Diego on Saturday. The conference starts 730 Monday morning, but I am going out a day early for a mini vacation. I love San Diego. The weather will be warm, and sunny. Just what I need.

I am returning on Wednesday night. JDE is coming in Friday morning for the Gala weekend. That is always a great time, I can't wait. Let's hope the weather clears up.

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