Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Condo and Portland

My closing is scheduled for April 30. The day that my lease is up. The seller doesn't think they will be ready to close by then. I sure hope so, if not I am fucked. My apartment building is being nice enough to allow me to move out on 5/1. Here's hoping nothing goes wrong with the closing. I don't have a contingency plan. Maybe I should think about one.

This reminds me of my trips to ORD. How I always arrive just in time, I feel like this is how the closing is going to go. Let's hope we can push them for a slightly earlier close date.

Speaking of airports, I am off to Portland tonight. Last minute emergency trip. I will be in PDX for about 8 days. Not sure what to think of this. At least it will allow me to save money.

Since I am in town for so long, I hope I can see the people I have missed the past few times.

I did get my upgrade on this flight, and UAL has a promotion where I earn double elite qualifying miles... Not too shabby.

Door closing. Talk when we land.

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