Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm a homo homeowner

So, I bought a condo. I have been working with Chuck Heaver for a little over a year now. Chuck has really helped me find the places that I wanted to live. He and I had found some pretty shitty places too. Of the 20-30 places he and I saw, I found probably 3 or 4 that I could consider making an offer on.
On March 7, 2009, Chuck and I went out for a final look at places. I had 3 places on the list that day (of 7 places) that I really REALLY wanted to see. The second to last place we stopped by to see was a Duplex Up (two story condo, with the main story below the secondary story -- bedrooms on the second floor). Many places in Chicago are Duplex Downs (the lower floor has the bedrooms). The building we saw was a newly constructed building, the unit we viewed was a three bedroom/three bathroom duplex. No one had lived in the condo before. The first floor contains the living, dining and kitchen along with a bedroom and a bathroom. Upstairs contains the master bed/master bath and a third bedroom with an en suite bath. The unit has doors to the common hallways on both the main and secondary floor (the unit is on the 3rd and 4th floor of the building).
The building has an elevator -- so when my dad is visiting (or living) and he can't walk up the stairs, he can go to the common hallway and take the elevator up to his bedroom. This place meets all of my crazy needs in a condo. My parents will take both rooms upstairs, so when I have people over I can tell them to go upstairs and leave me alone.
The whole process was such a crazy experience. I usually try to be very knowledgable, a resource, during highly techinical time -- during this endeavor, I was totally out of the loop. I had no idea as to the next step. Every time I turned around the mortgage broker or the seller needed more information -- I thought we'd never get to the point where we are now.
Although I don't have my closing date set, we should have it set tomorrow. The mortgage is set to be funded as soon as I want. I've attached pictures below as well as the floor plan.
The worst part about it -- now that I am so ready to go forward, I will be out of town from Saturday through Thursday -- which is why we are shooting for a week from Friday close date.
How crazy! I'm so excited though.

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David said...

The title brought "Choo Choo Choose You" to my mind. Congrats. (Perhaps not about the alliteration, but perhaps as well)

Where is it? In relation to whatever... Your place now, landmarks, etc...