Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sheridan, et al

First off, no one told me the condo floor plan didn't post... here it is

Secondly, I went to Sheridan yesterday. I had a lead on a guy who wanted to buy my dad's truck. After my uncle (Crazy Uncle Tom, who will forever be known as CUT) fixed the brakes, we drove to find the buyer. One thing I hate about my dad's friends here -- no one ever calls before they go visit someone. They just drive for 30 minutes, get there and find out he's not there. They ask around as to where he is and as if they are a slightly retarded Sherlock Holmes they follow every possible lead: "He's at my brother's house" - NOPE; "He's up by the Flag (which in Sheridan is a US Flag painted on the water tower...)" - NOPE; "He's at the machine shop" - NOPE; "Oh, he's back at home" - NOPE; "Did you try..." ARGH!
We decide to cut our losses and go back to Mac. We get to Lumberman's (Evans & 99) the phone rings -- it's the buyer. He's actually at home now and wants us to come back so he can see the truck. We turn around and head back to Sheridan. For those who don't know the geography here, Sheridan is only about 15 miles from Mac -- open highway driving -- but it seems like it takes about 45 years to get there. Anyway, long story short (and long day even longer) we sold the truck for a reasonable price and headed back to Mac. The buyer will take delivery on Monday.
As I was leaning on the bed of the many pick-up trucks chatting with the locals yesterday, I felt very relaxed. The weather was beautiful, was completely out of control (CUT was driving, so I couldn't leave if I wanted to) -- I was just being. Even though I almost loathe CUT, it wasn't a totally miserable time. He's trying to help my dad out -- and once we move, I'll probably never see him again. There is a slight chance that when I come back to visit friends in Oregon, I might swing by and see him, but it's pretty bloody unlikely. If I happen to be here when we have the "Family Get Together" (we don't call it a reunion, my guess is that CUT couldn't spell Reunion on the sign he spray painted, but that's just me), I might stop by.
Today, I am off to do some wine tasting with JLPB and AFB. I don't think I've seen these two since Christmas (briefly). Perhaps I saw JLPB in February, but it doesn't ring a Bell (ha). Nothing too wild this evening, should be a fun diversion.

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