Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Begins...

It is Saturday morning. The last Saturday in May. June is summer. I miss summer. Actually, I think I missed spring. Not how Chicagoans jokingly say they missed it, because it was snowing on Tuesday and Wednesday evening you are out without a jacket -- I just don't know what happened to my life between March 21 and now. Many things changed -- and I was here for them, I just don't have vivid memories of them.

I am looking forward to summer -- I want to sit on my balcony, drink beer/wine and enjoy the sun and the heat. I want to have friends over for a nice home cooked meal, with the fresh air blowing in through the screens. I want to take long walks at lunch to my favorite salad place and eat until I can eat no more. I want to sit at the Oak Street Beachstro and have a Quesadilla in the sun. I want to go to a Cubs game followed by late night pizza at Michael's. I want to go to the movies and watch all the great films coming out now. I want to travel again -- I need to see D.C., Denver, Palm Springs, Miami, Toronto, New York and Portland. I want to slowly work my way through the Joy of Cooking Coookbook. Pick a new appetizer/salad, entree and dessert and just try it. I want to learn Italian and go to Florence (again), Milan and Venice.

Summer is full of possibilities to me. Fall is great as it is the beginning of the event season -- lots of great parties. Winter is tough, but without it one doesn't appreciate spring or summer nearly as much.

I want my life back.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Visit

This is sort of related to my dads condition, but also just a general annoyance in the Life and Times of Tim. My dads brothers flew in last night. They wanted the cheapest possible flight, so I got them a last minute ticket on US Airways from PDX to ORD via PHX. CUT didn't want to go through PHX, as he had already been there before. As I explain this trip is not a site seeing trip he agreed to go with the flight I arranged.

They were delayed out of PHX by 45 minutes, evidently there was a rain storm. I arranged for a car service to pick them up at the airport as there was no way in hell I would have gone to the airport at 1am to pick these yahoos up. I was expecting total chaos from the time these two folks hit PDX until they walked in the door to my home. They didn't say one bad thing about the flight or the ride in. They did ask why I lived so far from "town". I assume that means downtown, as I am in the City.

The only other comment the uncles made (which one made the comment, I don't know. These guys are interchangeable in many circumstances) was why someone would install cheap pergo floors in a place that looks like it should have nicer floors. When I politely explain (as politely as I can at 155am) the floors are solid oak floors, they disagree. "it must be very thin oak vaneer, one says. I say "no, its 7/8" thick solid oak floors." they counter with "the edges are damaged". Its a beveled edge you fuck!

I went to bed. I hope they all have a very enjoyable day.

I could be boarding my flight to Palm Springs now. A mimosa or a screwdriver sounds delectable right now.

Monday, May 11, 2009


I am on a flight to Philly right now. We land at midnight. Meetings start at 730am. This will be torture tomorrow. I had a very long day today. In meetings until 515pm tonight.

This is the first time I have left my parents alone for a couple nights with Lilly. I hope they all survive until I return on Thursday night.

I am so looking forward to seeing my friends from BP and other nerdy risk management people.

In about 10 days I will be heading to Palm Springs to spend the holiday with EAD. I really can't wait for that.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Rainy Days and Wednesdays

It was beautiful earlier today. I went shopping for a mothers day gift at lunch and just loved being outside. At 445 pm I left the office to go meet my new accountant (turbo tax won't do what I need it to do anymore). The skies just opened up. It was miserable. I got totally drenched.

I couldn't get a taxi, I couldn't get a bus, it was just a mess. I also feel like I am getting a cold. Fucking Typhoid Marys on the bus today. Everyone was coughing and sneezing and snotting all over the place. I need a big glass of orange juice, something hot and spicey for dinner and a medium glass of scotch...since I am cold and wet, a little soak in my new very deep bathtub might be just what the doctor ordered.

I am excited for the weekend. P and J M are coming over and bringing D, their little girl. I am going to show off my house, let D play with Lilly (assuming Lilly will have any part of that) and then go see the new Star Trek movie. J is a big sci fi person, while her husband P isn't. P and D are going home while we go to the theater. I can't wait. I've heard trek fans hate the movie because it is a film that everyone can like, not only enjoyable by uber fans, but the general public. I am just happy to get my Star Trek fix again.

I am in a slow moving taxi now. I just want to go home. Please, go! Traffic: CLEAR! Go go go.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Seems like months

Today is Sunday morning. A beautiful spring day in the city. I am sitting here at MY breakfast bar looking out the sliding doors to the main floor lanai, watching the people and cars move about the parking lot to the gym and the grocery store -- watching people cruise up/down Broadway and about half a dozen people crane their necks and shade their eyes as they look southbound wondering where that damn bus is.

I closed on Tuesday. It was so easy. Chuck and Michelle (broker and lawyer) were great. It was very anti-climactic though. Wednesday the movers came. Jay Movers are fantastic. I've used them 3 times and referred about 15 people to them -- only one person had issues (sorry Joi-Z). I still haven't finished unpacking yet. I've got big boxes of stuff that needs to be distributed -- things like photos, books, the XBox-- things that you don't "NEED" to unpack immediately. I still haven't hung any art yet -- that's a project for this next week.

I've made the obligatory trip to Costco, I had Peapod deliver, I went to Target (mostly to outfit the 3 bathroom), to Staples (needed a new wireless router-- I need my Internet), and finally to Ikea. I don't like Ikea. First off, it's in the suburbs. Secondly, it's all crap furniture. I do love Ikea because I can get wooden clothes hangers for $0.50 each. I also got versatile storage options for my wine and some shelving units to turn the elevator shaft (in my unit) into a pantry. Let's home I can make it work without totally destroying the drywall, the floors or my thumbs.

One thing I have been struggling with -- the temperature. My parents seem to be constantly frozen. It was beautiful yesterday. I was out and about with just a polo shirt. After my trip to Ikea, I walk in the front door and it was sweltering -- it was also a little gamey. I like to have the windows open, feel the breeze, smell the fresh air. Doesn't look like that will happen for a while. Thank god summer is approaching. My parents would probably want it to be 92 degrees in here in February. Which would be fine, if I wasn't paying for the heat.

I still haven't cooked on my new gas range yet. I've been running errands and unpacking each night, so I haven't had quiet time just to relax.

I hope by the end of today I will have all the boxes unpacked, my room semi-organized and a home cooked meal in my belly.