Sunday, May 03, 2009

Seems like months

Today is Sunday morning. A beautiful spring day in the city. I am sitting here at MY breakfast bar looking out the sliding doors to the main floor lanai, watching the people and cars move about the parking lot to the gym and the grocery store -- watching people cruise up/down Broadway and about half a dozen people crane their necks and shade their eyes as they look southbound wondering where that damn bus is.

I closed on Tuesday. It was so easy. Chuck and Michelle (broker and lawyer) were great. It was very anti-climactic though. Wednesday the movers came. Jay Movers are fantastic. I've used them 3 times and referred about 15 people to them -- only one person had issues (sorry Joi-Z). I still haven't finished unpacking yet. I've got big boxes of stuff that needs to be distributed -- things like photos, books, the XBox-- things that you don't "NEED" to unpack immediately. I still haven't hung any art yet -- that's a project for this next week.

I've made the obligatory trip to Costco, I had Peapod deliver, I went to Target (mostly to outfit the 3 bathroom), to Staples (needed a new wireless router-- I need my Internet), and finally to Ikea. I don't like Ikea. First off, it's in the suburbs. Secondly, it's all crap furniture. I do love Ikea because I can get wooden clothes hangers for $0.50 each. I also got versatile storage options for my wine and some shelving units to turn the elevator shaft (in my unit) into a pantry. Let's home I can make it work without totally destroying the drywall, the floors or my thumbs.

One thing I have been struggling with -- the temperature. My parents seem to be constantly frozen. It was beautiful yesterday. I was out and about with just a polo shirt. After my trip to Ikea, I walk in the front door and it was sweltering -- it was also a little gamey. I like to have the windows open, feel the breeze, smell the fresh air. Doesn't look like that will happen for a while. Thank god summer is approaching. My parents would probably want it to be 92 degrees in here in February. Which would be fine, if I wasn't paying for the heat.

I still haven't cooked on my new gas range yet. I've been running errands and unpacking each night, so I haven't had quiet time just to relax.

I hope by the end of today I will have all the boxes unpacked, my room semi-organized and a home cooked meal in my belly.

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