Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Begins...

It is Saturday morning. The last Saturday in May. June is summer. I miss summer. Actually, I think I missed spring. Not how Chicagoans jokingly say they missed it, because it was snowing on Tuesday and Wednesday evening you are out without a jacket -- I just don't know what happened to my life between March 21 and now. Many things changed -- and I was here for them, I just don't have vivid memories of them.

I am looking forward to summer -- I want to sit on my balcony, drink beer/wine and enjoy the sun and the heat. I want to have friends over for a nice home cooked meal, with the fresh air blowing in through the screens. I want to take long walks at lunch to my favorite salad place and eat until I can eat no more. I want to sit at the Oak Street Beachstro and have a Quesadilla in the sun. I want to go to a Cubs game followed by late night pizza at Michael's. I want to go to the movies and watch all the great films coming out now. I want to travel again -- I need to see D.C., Denver, Palm Springs, Miami, Toronto, New York and Portland. I want to slowly work my way through the Joy of Cooking Coookbook. Pick a new appetizer/salad, entree and dessert and just try it. I want to learn Italian and go to Florence (again), Milan and Venice.

Summer is full of possibilities to me. Fall is great as it is the beginning of the event season -- lots of great parties. Winter is tough, but without it one doesn't appreciate spring or summer nearly as much.

I want my life back.

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