Friday, May 22, 2009

The Visit

This is sort of related to my dads condition, but also just a general annoyance in the Life and Times of Tim. My dads brothers flew in last night. They wanted the cheapest possible flight, so I got them a last minute ticket on US Airways from PDX to ORD via PHX. CUT didn't want to go through PHX, as he had already been there before. As I explain this trip is not a site seeing trip he agreed to go with the flight I arranged.

They were delayed out of PHX by 45 minutes, evidently there was a rain storm. I arranged for a car service to pick them up at the airport as there was no way in hell I would have gone to the airport at 1am to pick these yahoos up. I was expecting total chaos from the time these two folks hit PDX until they walked in the door to my home. They didn't say one bad thing about the flight or the ride in. They did ask why I lived so far from "town". I assume that means downtown, as I am in the City.

The only other comment the uncles made (which one made the comment, I don't know. These guys are interchangeable in many circumstances) was why someone would install cheap pergo floors in a place that looks like it should have nicer floors. When I politely explain (as politely as I can at 155am) the floors are solid oak floors, they disagree. "it must be very thin oak vaneer, one says. I say "no, its 7/8" thick solid oak floors." they counter with "the edges are damaged". Its a beveled edge you fuck!

I went to bed. I hope they all have a very enjoyable day.

I could be boarding my flight to Palm Springs now. A mimosa or a screwdriver sounds delectable right now.

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David said...

A screwdriver could probably do more damage... Be careful.