Friday, June 19, 2009


I cannot sleep. All I wanted to do today at work was sleep. I get home and I want to sleep. I force myself to stay awake until 10pm, when I nod off on the couch. At 11pm I get up and head to bed, where I lay here wondering where Lilly is and why she isn't trying to push me into the far corner of the bed, so she has extra room to stretch out.

This was my first full week in the office in a very long time. I don't think I was all that productive either. I need to get energized again. It has been a year since I got my last promotion; the longest I have gone without a promotion in my working life was 14 months, let's hope I don't break that record again.

I think I will spend tomorrow morning working for a bit. Once I feel caught up with work things I still have some unpacking to do around the house, I would like to have that all done before I hit the two month mark of being here.

I watched Fight Club on Spike tonight... Why even bother, you can't watch an edited version of this film and expect it to be any good though. What a shame.

I am going to try to sleep again. Let's hope it works this time. At least now Miss Lilly has found her way into the room, and she is taking a bath, a very loud bath at that.

Good night......?

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David said...

Fight Club when you can't sleep? It's under control.