Monday, June 08, 2009

A week without work?

This is the first week in a long time that I am completely work free. I am deleting emails on my BlackBerry, so my inbox doesn't explode.

We are back in Mac for my dads funeral, et al. I am very glad we didn't come back on Saturday. There isn't much to do, so it would have been torture just sitting around here.

We got in late last night, and went right to bed. This morning my mom and I went to get hair cuts, she went to get a tooth fixed. I was cleaning out the car and our local real estate agent stopped by. I have no respect for this woman. She told me that it wasn't her job to help me come up with a counter offer. I loathe this woman.

CUT called today, he has a guy that wants to buy the house. The only stipulation is that we he won't go through a real estate agent. He wants to go direct. So CUT now says we should fire the agent. Unethical much? He thinks this is perfectly normal. What a bunch of fools.

We have to go to the funeral home today to drop off clothes for my dad and make final arrangements...And probably final payment.

After that, I think we are free for the night. I hope the family stays away. I think we will go out for dinner tonight.

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