Friday, July 17, 2009

Empty and Quiet

I am sitting here in what was my parents living room in Mac. The movers came by today and took 55 boxes and a few pieces of furniture. One mover was hot, the other had no teeth. Nice.

My flight last night was uneventful. Up. Down. A little bumpy over the mountains. I was in the second over wing exit row, on the window... It was torture. This big fat guy kept elbowing me. I couldn't even work because he was restricting my range of motion.

After we landed I went to Rose City Cafe for sushi. I love this place. As I was drinking a local beer and enjoying myself a man next to me had a fit. I remember him asking if the "Walnut Raspberry Vinaigrette" had nuts, because he was allergic to nuts. Duh, dumbass. So he ate it and his throat started to close up little by little. He loudly explained to the 6 patrons at the restaurant how to use his epipen. I wasn't really listening. I can figure it out if needed, but I was eating dinner, c'mon! He lived, but it did take 12 minutes for the EMTs to arrive. That doesn't make me feel to comfortable.

Since our crazy old lady real estate agent sold all of our furniture, we were forced to stay at the Bestwestern Vineyard Inn. Over the past 2 years I have only stayed in Starwood or Marriott properties. A different class, obviously. Seriously, the motel (yes, with an M not an H) really wasn't all that bad. Very courteous and attentive. The room was clean, and well appointed, especially for the super cheap rate we got. It was a nice-ish room, with just a hint of meth.

It is very warm here. Its in the mid 90s. When we landed last night it was still in the 80s. I love it. Hot, no humidity, beautiful. The motel was sweltering hot, but luckily it was air conditioned. It still surprises me how many places out here aren't air conditioned... Mostly private residences.

The house is almost totally empty. Fiends are coming over to get my dads big craftsman toolbox and a bunch of his tools. I went through the tool box today. I felt like I did when I was at REI, there were lots of things that looked useful, but I had no fucking idea what they were for.

We went to the Evergreen Air and Space Museum today. It was interesting. The Air Museum was full of planes (military and civilian), helicopters and the Spruce Goose. The Space Museum (separate building) had a few artifacts, and several panels discussing space flight in the 20th Century, but a lot of empty space. Rumor has it the museum is trying to get a space shuttle. That will fill up the space, but it looks like a high school science fair now (not that my HS had a science fair).

I am not sure what I am going to do the rest of the weekend. The house is pretty much done. Maybe hit the casino, maybe go to the outlet mall. Who knows.

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