Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Long time, no blog

I know, its been a while, don't start with me.

As I start to write this blog, I am in the back seat of a taxi on IPR heading to ORD. I am off to meetings in Toronto today and tomorrow morning. I am currently fighting a summer cold ("those are the worst" - that old gas station owner in The Stand), which made me think of pandemics. I just have a slight sore throat now, and feel fine other than that.

I was thinking how fucked up it would be if I were "Patient Zero". I travel to YYZ and along the way infect hundreds of travelers at ORD, who in turn spread it to PHK, DXB, NRT, and LHR. I know this won't happen, I am not the 21st Century version of Typhoid Mary, but even if the chance is 0.000002 I think I should write about it. It would be like a big middle finger to the world from (insert creepy music) beyond the grave.

Seriously though, meetings all this afternoon, and s short one in the morning, then return to Chicago.

I have lived in my condo for about 10 weeks now, and I still have 3 boxes to unpack. Come on, just do it. I went to the Container Store on Saturday. I have these two huge walk in closets in the entry ways (that are designed to be elevators) that I am not using fully. I decided to make the one on the first floor a pantry. I worked with a "designer" and got it all worked out. I was excited to go home and build it... But it only cost $100 for them to build it for me...why not, right? At least when it is done wrong I can blame someone else. Either way, if it is fucked up, I will know I wasn't able to do it myself. It should be installed next week. Then I have to call Peapod and go to Costco' can't have an empty pantry!


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