Monday, July 20, 2009

Oregon and Back

I returned from Oregon last night. Flew front of the bus yesterday. Met a friend of a colleague, had a nice chat.

We are in that sweet time of the fiscal year where Q2 True Up is done and RFQ2 hasn't quite started yet. It is quiet in the office. Around the quarters we get super busy where everything comes to a head at once. Its not really stressful, but it does add a bit of pressure.

I've been trying to push the boys to go back to Palm Springs in September, but the heat makes people a bit nervous. BAH, I say. We have also floated the idea of the Ritz in Cancun. I have never been, but its the Ritz, how bad could it be (as long as it isn't like the Jakarta Ritz, we should be fine). If any of my loyal reader (not a typo) has been or can offer suggestions, let me know. The bad part about Cancun in September, UAL is still flying those crappy one class cabin former TED planes. Its only 1444 miles, so I can suffer through it.

Any other resort destinations you might recommend for a 3-4 day weekend trip? Preferably some place without big bugs.... Costa Rica.

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