Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stepping Back Into the Closet

Tomorrow is the big day. David from California Closets will be here tomorrow to install the full closet for the three bedrooms plus the downstairs hall closet. I'm pretty excited. How quickly things change, eh? Who would have thought the highlight of my weeks would be a 4 new closets. Oh well, such is life. I have taken some before pictures of the closets and will take the after tomorrow and compare. YAY!

I finally got around to ordering a Blu Ray Player. I decided to get the LG 390. It is GREAT. Wireless Internet connection -- so you can stream Netflix to your TV. It also has a USB port on the front, so you can plug in a Flash Drive or a Portable HDD and watch videos on the big screen. How great! You can also set up a wireless file server so the player can pull files wirelessly from your computers or a network drive. How nerdy am I? I know, but I think it's fantastic.

My home laptop is on it's last leg too. The hard drive is just knocking and kicking like a fucking donkey. I've backed up all of my files on to a portable HDD, so I'm not worried about data loss. I think I'm going to go out this weekend and buy a new sad.

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David said...

Thinking about doing some of our closets... I thought you had after pictures, but I can't find them. Still happy? Look anywhere other than California? Costco has deals with them and easyclosets. Anywho... still need to book our august trip, but will do soon.