Friday, September 25, 2009

Cancun - Final Full Day

We woke up on Saturday hurting a little bit. Not hung over just a headache, mostly from the 252 degree weather at Chichen Itza, but the tequila shot and margaritas didn't aid the hydration issue at all.

Started off, as everyday, at the breakfast Buffet, which was included in our room rate. Still hurting a little. JFB had to meet with the marketing guy to take a quick tour of the hotel. EAD and I wandered around the property for a bit then went back to the room. I was excited to have European TV stations like the real BBC and Deutsche Welle. While getting ready in the mornings and before bed I would watch DW and again become depressed for being mono linguistic. I am trying though!

Anyway, at 11am we had a private cooking class at the hotel. The class was Real Mexican. Viking built the kitchen we were using so we got a small sales pitch and got to try the induction cooktop. It was great. I would totally upgrade right now to induction. You must try it out!

The cooking lesson was to be private, as the cooking school was closed for the season, we always seem to travel off season. JFB worked his magic and got them to open the class for us. Instead of a regular head chef teaching the class, we had Chef Rainer, the Executive Chef conducting the class. He is responsible for, and in charge of 2 of Mexicos only 3 Five Diamond Restaurants, both of which are in the Ritz.

Chef Rainer is from Germany, and has a very scary German accent. When I speak German I have a southern accent - not like I am from Alabama, but like I am from a very certain part of Austria. It usually surprises German speakers when they hear my accent and immediately ask if I studied (or on the very rare occasion, if I am from) the suburbs of Vienna. Nein.

Our private lesson for 3 was actually crashed by a guy and his girlfriend from Frommers Travel Guides. He was reviewing the hotel for an upcoming publication. Unfortunately, it was off season, so many/most of the hotel amenities were not at full capacity. The fab restaurants were closed, the culinary institute was closed (er, geschlossen). The marketing Veep asked if we were ok with the crashers. What could we say.

The Viking Cooking School at the Ritz was amazing. I fell in love with the induction stove tops. I had a great time in class. We started out making margaritas, which I was in no mood for, still being a little maggoty from the night before. After one sip of the heavenly margarita I was in tip top shape. I have made these margaritas a couple times since I've returned from Mexico.

We also made ceviche, which I have always wanted to try, but the whole raw fish thing made me nervous as a home chef. It was so good! For the entree we had chicken and poblano enchiladas. And to top it off, we made home made churros with a chocolate sauce. The entire meal was fantastic. I replicated this meal the Thursday after my return for my friend KS. I think it turned out very well.

After the cooking class we had 2.5 hours to kill until our spa appointments. We decided to go out in the ocean. It was only a single red flag day. Still so very rough and scary. I quickly moved to the pool, much more my speed.

The spa was nice, but very small. We had our individual treatments then retired to the outdoor area with the hot and cold plunges. I tried a new spa experience, it was an aromayuvedic massage (a combination of aroma therapy and ayuvedic treatment-- google it). They warned me that I would be SUPER sleepy afterwards, I was.

We left the spa at 630 and just hung out in the room for a while. We weren't hungry but didn't want to waste our last night together falling asleep early.

We went to Luxury Avenue, a mall of sorts packed with luxury retailers. It wasn't duty free, but it had all the standards-LV, MB, a nice watch store, etc. They also had a great veuve clicquot bar. How fab is that?

We ate a mediocre dinner at the hotel, ocean side, with margaritas of course. Then we called it a night.

Up early for a buffet brunch then off to the areopuerto to return home. As always it was a fabulous trip with these guys. The final brunch of each trip is so sad, we are heading back to reality.

What did I learn on this trip? I love home made margaritas, I can make ceviche and churros at home, 3.5 hours in coach isn't as bad as 3.5 hours in coach on a plane full of fatties, life is short-always plan time with friends, and languages are like bikes, if you haven't used it in a while a little tequila makes it easier to use.

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