Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cancun Recap Day 1

I wrote much of these blogs while in Mexico and am posting them now that I have returned to the US.

I sit here at the Cancun airport bar called Berryhill, after customs etc. waiting for EAD and JFB to arrive. It have about 30 minutes until their flight lands, so about 60 minutes until they get out here. I was starving, which is why I ducked in here for a beer and a nosh. The food is good, but I can't help but wonder why everything on the menu says it is Texas Sized. Obviously big day Americans are here a lot. Then again, I am a big day American tourist.

The flight down here was really nice. My row was empty except for me. It was a second row exit, so I had a ton of legroom. No free drinks even though UAL said it was free booze down. Fine. I paid for a screw driver. The movie was supposed to be "The Proposal" -snore. It was actually "Star Trek"-YAY.

I was very emotional on the plane. I think my mind and body realize that this is now time only for me. I am so excited to be here.

My americanized Mexican food is really good, especially with a corona (I know, I know) but I think I just ate a big chunk of sand...well, we are near the beach, right?

I hate that I cannot speak the language. Everyone speaks English, but fuck, I am in their country, they shouldn't have to adapt for me. Now I am a big lazy dumb American. My trip to Spain is in 10 months. I must learn/relearn spanish by then. I can read the signs ok here, but have a hard time understanding spoken words and my attempts to speak come out 60% German 35% Spanish and 5% Idiot. As an example "Buenos Dias, Ich mochte ein cerveza, bitte.". Or "Wo ist der bano, por favor?". Christ!

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David said...

could be much worse than 5% idiot...