Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hitting some balls...

HC and I went to Diversey Driving Range and hit a few balls around tonight. It was fun. I hit the ball about 98% of the time, which I consider a win. I hit a large and a small bucket while HC only did a large. I was blowing though that bucket of balls (tee hee). It was such a nice relaxing and cool night.

I was distracted partially by one of our neighboring ball hitters. Quite a fine specimen.

I also got my first sports injury in the past 15 years too. I have a small (quarter inch) blister on my left hand. Looks like I will need to pony up the $10 and buy a glove.

Returning home for some left overs from last night (naked macaroni and cheese) and to enjoy Frasier. Evidently I have gone from 29 to 30 to 78 in just a matter of months. All I need now is Lilly on my lap and I will officially be an old man.

Hopefully Cancun with the boys will bring out the kid in me again. I love vacationing with these guys. So very relaxing.

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