Tuesday, September 08, 2009

MIA Posts??

I updated my blog last week, but see it didn't post. That's a shame. I will recap here and hope for the best.

As we all know, I am still trying to find "normal". To help in this endeavor, I have set some goals for September that will reenergize me, hopefully. I will be doing something new twice a week for the month of September and reporting back on how it went.

For the first week of September I went to a photography opening at the Junior League Club. A friend of a friend was exhibiting some black an white prints from his travels in Italy. About 20 prints in all, I really liked 10 and liked 5, the rest, eh....

One of the goals of this "September of Tim" is not only to try new things, but to meet new people and to learn about myself and others. The art opening was good because it was pretty small, but had people that are not normally part of my network. There were several community college people there, I believe the artist teaches at the College of DuPage. There were several militant community college people there too. One guy kept telling me that Junior Colleges are the ONLY school people should be allowed to attend.

Of course I had to challenge this assertion. I do believe that everyone has their own path. Some it is a 4 year university, others a junior college, others the military. Additional education is not right for others. The issue is choice. Don't tell me I wasted my college life and money by attending a 4 year school and that private education is for chumps. It was good to be slightly out of my element. I am pleased.

On Friday night JM and I went to First Fridays at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA). It is designed to be more of a party atmosphere and get people who usually aren't the museum crowd to enter the doors. It was a Friday before a holiday, so the crowd was a bit light. We got in for free but wine was $9 per glass-from a bottle that probably cost $8 at the grocery. We talked to a few people but the best part was the people watching. There were a ton of guys wearing designer jeans with longs sleeve button up shirts untucked cruising the crowd in hunting packs. We would stand on the upper terrace and watch them circle their female prey and go in for the kill. One would break away from the group with his target-standing just a few feet away from her friends she felt safe but he would have just one goal in mind. As she returned to her group and he and his friends left rejected a big smile came to my face. This isn't HIMYM and the game isn't "Have you met Ted?"

We left the MCA around 915 and I went out with a friend from the UK for a few hours then headed home. On Saturday I worked out a little bit and just hung around the house and watched a movie.

Sunday (when I initially started this post) we went to Arlington Park, the local horse track. I went with JM, P&TH. We sat at a reserved table at the Terrace Cafe. It was a beautiful day, perfectly warm, a bit overcast-just a great day to be at the track. The food was mediocre and the service was horrendous... And I didn't win any money, but it was really fun. We just basically sat around eating, drinking and talking, but since we were at the track it felt like we were doing something.

We decided to take the Metra to Arlington and we felt so urban doing so, although I don't know why, it's a suburban train line. On the way home from the track we stopped off at JOs new home in Mount Prospect. It was a nice place. They just moved in so lots of boxes and unpacking to do. We stayed for 90 minutes then got back on the train into the City.

After a day of drinking and eating fried food we decided to have an uptown sushi dinner at Takami. It was good, but we forgot it was Sunday night and the kitchen closed EARLY.

Yesterday I marinated a flank steak and made a baked macaroni and cheese. It was pretty good. Back to work today. I am in the office for two days then on Thursday morning I am off to Cancun with the bois.

Tonight I am going to the driving range to hit some golf balls with HC. Summer is almost gone. Today is the first day of school so surface streets are clogged and LSD is a bit of a parking lot. On the plus side Oprah is blocking off several blocks north of the River on Michigan Ave for her show. Luckily I get off the bus long before that mess. Here is to a short week and a nice vacation.

Here is to a short week and a nice vacation.

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