Wednesday, October 07, 2009

October of Tim?

So my well laid plans for September of Tim, didn't leave me feeling super accomplished. I did attend some art events, a couple cooking classes, read more, took golf and yoga classes, and made time to see 3 of my closest friends... It just wasn't as fulfilling as I had hoped.

I will try it again this month. I will be traveling to Denver for work, with a vacation extension. I have a wine tasting class and a couple of golf lessons in the queue. I have the house to myself for 3 weeks too, as my mom is going to WV to help her sister following surgery. I have some lunches and dinners planned with former colleagues and supper club folks.

I still feel like I am just drifting without a purpose. I am really working hard to make healthy nutrition and activity choices too. I have been cooking healthy new recipes at home-last night I made a chicken and vegetable curry. It was a bit spicy, but I chock that up to my first time working with curry.

Today I am off to a public speaking course. This is one thing everyone can agree that I need help on. I don't really get nervous, I just am far from dynamic. I have addressed larger crowds (between 50 and 150 people) probably 15 times since I have been at my current company. I don't project very well and I don't engage the crowd. Let's hope todays course will give me some techniques to remedy these issues. An 8 hour public speaking course isn't my idea of a great way to spend a day in the fall.

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