Thursday, October 08, 2009

Public Speaking

Speaking of public speaking, I took a class on it today. It is something my boss, my coach and I all agreed was a skill I needed to hone. The class was good. Of course they wanted us to drink the Kool-Aid and buy big bundles of CDs and DVDs and books and a bunch of other crap that I won't use.

I arrived 10 minutes before class started and went up to a table with one woman sitting alone and said "Is this seat free?", pointing to one of 4 empty seats. She says, "No, I am saving them cuz people from da job is comin'".

Right. So I sit my ass down right in the middle of the seats. She rolled her eyes and stared at the table top. So, I am not only there to become a better public speaker, but to network. What better person to network with than this peach of a lady here, eh?

So I begin peppering her with questions, to which she responds with one or two word answers. I then pretend she said "And you" after each question she answered, so I tell her where I work, what I do, where in the City I live, how many of these classes I've taken, etc.

Her colleagues arrive. They all were former teachers and now work for the Chicago Public Schools Pension Fund. By the end of the day the lady who didn't want to talk to me was my new best friend. Of course we didn't exchange cards or anything, but still we are sisters.

Her colleagues were those annoying former teachers who were always loud and RIGHT. They would ask me a question that they knew the answer to (but were wrong) and before could get 5 words out they would start in again. I was very surprised and annoyed that adult learners are so obnoxious.

Overall the class was good though. I did have a couple of take aways what will be beneficial. I would probably take a class from this group again.

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Bry said...

I took speech and debate in high school. Which just proved how much of a nerd I was. But now I'm glad I was such a big nerd because I really don't have too much of a problem talking in public and make speeches. Even though I sucked at it and rarely won.