Friday, October 09, 2009

Rain, Golf, Food Yoga

I had a really great yoga session last night. Carl is the instructor (yogi? Is that right?). He is still new, but it is such a great workout. I am sweating like a whore in church when we are done. We still focus on core and balance, at my request.

Two nights ago I fixed curry for the first time. It was much less flavorful than I anticipated. If anyone has a good (healthy) curry recipe, please send it on.

I am off to my 4th or 5th golf lesson tonight. We are queued up to go to the driving range tonight. It is raining and I am a bit sore from Yoga last night, but I will definitely hit a small bucket of balls tonight. It makes the lesson really hit (no pun intended) home.

My friends LB and KG are getting married this weekend. I have the honor of being in the wedding party. LB is such a free spirit (in a good way). She is super organized and puts up with shit from no one. She also doesn't stand on ceremony either. I think her best trait is that she asks questions when she doesn't know something or needs some clarification. So many people just clam up and pretend. I do that. I don't want to seem like a dolt. She never seems like a dolt, she has a genuine yearning for knowledge. As I re-read this it might come off as being sarcastic-far from it in reality.

I am off to Denver for work on Monday night. Have meetings through Friday afternoon and then am spending the weekend with EAD and JFB. I cannot wait.

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