Saturday, October 10, 2009

Things that piss me off today.

Yesterday was supper club. We went to Cafe 28, a great little place in Ravenswood. I had a nice time. Afterward JM and I went to Scot's, a little bar 4 blocks north of the restaurant. We sat down and some creepy middle aged guy started talking to us. I love meeting crazy people, but this guy was too much.

He was originally from Paris, lived in Chicago for 17 years and lost his partner of 22 years just 4 months ago. We learned all this info within the first 90 seconds of talking to him. His accent was very thick and since the bar was loud it was very difficult to understand him.

He told us how Chicago is not a world class city, and never will be. Chicago is no New York or Paris he says... No shit. I was in no mood to debate some dumb frog over how great Chicago is. He can go fuck himself. I mentioned I grew up outside of Portland. He tells me that Portland is much more of a world class city than Chicago. His examples: theater, ballet, sport and culture (museums). What??? Don't get me wrong, I love Portland, and both cities have their strong points, but no way does Portland out shine Chicago under all these categories.

He then brought up Roman Polanski. He asked my opinion and I told him. Looking back I could have censored myself, knowing he was a frog, I chose not to though. I told him I thought Polanski should answer for his crime as per the plea agreement he entered into over 30 years ago. He admitted to committing statutory rape. Before he could serve his time he fled to France. Do I think he is a pedophile? I don't know? Do I think he forcibly raped this 13 year old girl, no. I think she wanted to break into films and she thought -or he told her- that this would be the quickest way.

People say that since it happened so long ago, we should give him a break. He created so many amazing films in the last 30+ years they say. Does this make his crime less heinous? Does the legal system not care to look out for victims if it has been a long time AND the perpetrator has entertained us for years?

If Osama bin Laden stops organizing terrorist plots and begins to make amazing films or write moving plays or take breathtaking photos in 30 years will we forgive him?

Ok, I will give you a few points against me now: some stories say this girl didn't consider this rape, it appears that he hasn't continued this practice and he does make great films. Granted. The law is the law. He signed the plea agreement. He needs to serve his time.

This bar frog told me that since it has been 30+ years we should forgive him. I argued the importance of law and without it we descend into chaos. He disagrees.
He cannot be persuaded. I change my argument and he continues with his one response, "people should forget it, it was along time ago, and he has entertained is for years".

The reason this guy know Portland so much is because his best friend lives there and he goes to see him about once a month. He has been flying out there for over 2 years now. His best friend is a 17 year old boy. No fucking joke. No wonder you love Roman Polanski, you've been fucking children for years.

This is what pisses me off today -and last night.

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Bry said...

What the hell is wrong with people? Roman Polanski committed a crime and plead guilty. But they choose to ignore that.