Wednesday, November 25, 2009

20 Days sans blog...

Last time I blogged I was excited about getting the droid. Well, I got it. I love it. I'm not going to do a full review, because I just don't care to. The phone is great. It is a bit heavy, but I came from a small blackberry pearl. The battery was draining after one day of use -- then I realized I need to treat this phone as a computer and not a simple phone. I don't need to have the WiFi on all the time, I don't need to have the GPS going all the time, if I'm going to listen to Pandora, you expect the battery to be eaten up. I do have one complaint though -- when forwarding a work email, the forwarded message is included as an attachment (.eml file) and you can't open it on the droid or the iPhone or blackberry. I've read a fix is in the works, but it's still frustrating.

My mom is back in Chicago. I saw her for 2 hours on Sunday and haven't seen her since. Tis the season for a million parties. We fly to Orlando tomorrow to see my mom's cousin and aunt. I'm looking forward to seeing these guys. I am going golfing on Friday - my first real golf game (I don't count that two week session in High School P.E. where we tried to get the ball near the orange cone). We're exit row people this time -- it doesn't appear the upgrade to first is going through. Oh well...such is life, I guess. We are up front on the return though.

We have had a beautiful fall -- many more nice days than bad days. It is supposed to snow a bit tomorrow -- that's what we need, snow on a holiday travel day. Perfect.

Nothing else exciting seems to be going on with me right now.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

New Phone

I am super excited about getting, nay-- the prospect of getting, a new phone tomorrow. I will get up early and stand outside in the cold for the new Verizon Droid tomorrow. The phone looks great and even the super die hard apple reviewers say it is a good phone.

I know it won't be an IPhone... Your call won't be dropped on the droid. I do have a major concern about tomorrow morning, well two to be exact. If I get up super early and head downtown to get in line for the phone and no one is in line, I will be pissed, but not as pissed as if I get up super early, wait in line and then hear they ran out of phones. That will probably send me into a sleep deprived irrational rage, that only large amounts of propofol can cure (too soon for that joke? I think not).

I am going for it tomorrow. I will be updating my facebook status on line and will hopefully have an initial review done by the weekend.

Wish me luck!