Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bus Runner and Line Waiter

It is 801 am on Saturday morning. I am on the bus heading downtown. On week days I am not even this far along on the commute.

I am heading downtown to wait in line at the American Girl store to get a friends daughter a doll stroller. The strollers are sold out/backordered online. Some peach at the store said 6 strollers are arriving and will be on the floor this morning when they open. I am going to buy them all. The retail on the stroller is $58 and they are going for $150 on ebay. I hope I can sell them. If not I will just return then for a refund. DH did give me a good warning though...always check the return policy. That is just what I need-$400 in store credit at American Girl.

Merry Christmas and Happy Gouging.


David said...

Any takers yet?

Haven't gotten anything for Mindy yet, but she doesn't seem interested in a mini stroller.

David said...

In case it isn't too late... You didn't put "Happy Gouging" in the ebay add did you?