Sunday, December 20, 2009

'Tis the season

We leave for our cruise on Wednesday night. I still have such low expectations for the cruise, I am sure I will have a good time. It doesn't event seem like Christmas here. I didn't put up a tree this year. My mom and I aren't doing Christmas gifts this year -- the cruise is our mutual gift. I am looking forward to the heat and the sun, I'm sure I'll have fun on the boat -- it'll be a new experience for me and I'm sure I can meet some interesting people.

Speaking of a new experience and interesting people -- a little over a month ago I decided to try something new -- something that I am embarrassed to admit, but I will do it here. I decided to try I've been out of the dating world for a couple years. I had a lot of energy focused on my dad's illness and helping my mom deal with his illness -- I didn't think I had any time or energy to spend on me let alone someone else. So now that that excuse can't be used any more, I thought I'd give it a try. I don't like the idea of using an online dating website. I think my biggest concern is when people ask "Oh, how did you meet?" - I don't like the idea of saying I feel it's like saying "I couldn't find anyone in the real world by myself, so I had to find someone online -- someone who couldn't find anyone in the real world either". Just one of my many hangups, I guess.

I got a few emails from people -- a wink or two (which I find shitty -- if you want to start a conversation, send an email). Some of the people were treating it as a quick hook up site -- not what I'm looking for. The first person who emailed me seemed like a normal person, which I must admit took me by surprise. We emailed a few times and decided we should meet for a drink. The first drink turned into a 4.5 hours drink/dinner/desert. We went out the following Saturday to the Christkindl Market (German Christmas Market) then to the Shedd Aquarium then to a Spanish Restaurant in a new-ish hotel -- about a 6 hour date. A week later we decided to hit a local bar for a couple beers and played board games -- scrabble (a tough date game because you learn how well the person spells and does math). After scrabble we just walked around the neighborhood and chatted. Our fourth date was on Friday -- he cooked dinner at his home for us. It was a nice relaxing evening.

He seems like a nice guy, who I enjoy hanging out with. Taking things slowly -- just see what happens. It's a good time of year to start seeing someone if you want to take it slow -- our calendars are so full already it makes it difficult to see too much of each other. We'll see how this goes, eh?


Jennifer said...

I'm really excited for you! There is nothing wrong with using a service, you are a busy guy and this just gives you a little help.

David said...

Do you remember at the beginning of Pulp Fiction...:

Vincent: "How did they meet?" (JT About the Mia and Marceles Wallace)

Jules: "However it is people meet people..." (SJ)

I think thats about it.

Spelling and math checkout ok?

Have fun in the sun!