Thursday, January 21, 2010

Guests and Work and Sushi

Next weekend EAD and JFB will be visiting me. I cannot wait. I a, still looking for a new duvet cover for the guestroom. I went to Target today and was horribly disappointed. I found nothing. I have this weekend to track some additional items down for the boys. I cannot wait until they are here. It has been too long. I think the last time I saw both boys in Chicago was in 2005.

I am sure we will have some fun, drunken times ahead of us, as always.

This week at work has been a bit hectic. Can't really get into here, but it does cause me angst and frustration. All should be solved withing 4-6 weeks.

Tonight I am going to dinner with Mike. We are going out for sushi. I love sushi. We are going to Agami in my neighborhood. We went out for drinks on Tuesday. We also had "the talk" about exclusivity. We have decided not to see other it looks like we are officially coupled. :)


Jennifer said...

I usually get my duvet covers from Fred Meyer so I'm no use to you there. I hope the work stuff gets easier though. Joe's headed to Arkansas again on Sunday for 2 weeks, he's pleased as I'm sure you guessed :) oh and yeah for exclusivity!!

David said...

I don't that is what "the talk" is about, but I think I know what you mean.