Friday, January 15, 2010

Leaving on a (small regional) jet plane...

But, I do know when I will be back again...and that is Sunday mid afternoon.

I am en route to ORD for a weekend to see JDE and JXC in DC. I am excited to see their new home, in the Brookland neighborhood of DC. The plan for the weekend is pretty low key: food, drink, shopping, repeat.

As usual I am sitting on the train heading to on of my happy places-O'Hare. I still love to travel. I wish I could travel more, even for work. When I saw "Up In The Air" last weekend, I really felt connected to Clooney's character when it ca,e to flying. It is a freeing experience, if you do it regularly. I never (well almost never) feel any stress. It is my home.

I am proud of myself on this trip too. I am not bringing my old work horse Victronix red roll-a-board suitcase (which I always check). I am bringing a relatively new weekender duffle. I got it at the coach outlet in Oregon (yay no sales tax!) For nearly 80% off. I love it. It's great for a quick weekend trip (DC is only about 42 hours), but not ok for much longer...maybe time in the dessert with the boys but that is it.

Speaking of, EAD and JFB are coming to town in 2 weeks and I cannot wait. They are going to meet Mike...that's big in my mind. I have always thought of EAD and JFB as people I would retire next to and hopefully die 3 minutes before they do. I am looking forward to more of the "meetings". It will be a great experience.

We are still taking it slow though. We've been seeing each other for nearly 2 months, but aren't pretending this is something huge right now. I met two of his friends and he will meet mine. I haven't told my mom about him yet...mostly because I feel it is like a divorced dad bringing a new gf into meet the kids...if it doesn't work out, that's more issues for the family to deal with.

Am I crazy? I don't know, but I am trying to follow that old mantra "Dance like no one is watching and love like you've never been hurt before"....or something like that.

I do know that I am 2 stops from ORD, so I am signing off.

Have a great MLK weekend everyone.

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