Thursday, January 07, 2010

Winter is officially here

Chicago has 5 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, the Holidays and Winter. The holidays are over, so now we are stuck with winter. We are queued up to get 6-9 inches of snow through this evening. I am not hoding my breath though. Very rarely does that much snow actually hit the City proper. I wait excitedly to see the mess that tonights rush hour brings.

So, I am still seeing Mike. We've gone on about 6 dates if my math is correct. Going to dinner again tonight, assuming the snow doesn't preclude that. We took, what I take to be a big step in this modern-tech-centric world: we removed our profiles from Things are going well and we are taking things slowly...not like a couple of lesbians...we haven't purchased an historic bungalow which we are currently rehabbing...nope.

Work is heating up again, as the weather cools I get busy. I am working with the boys (EAD & JFB) to plan a week in PSP. Based on my work travel schedule, I will probably only fly about 25K-35K miles this year. Ugh. I will be going to Portland twice this year. Once to see friends (JLPB, JB, AB, BH and a few others), then a second time to partake in JDEs wedding. All you Portlanders (including the valley) let me know when in spring is good or bad for you. I was think either early April or May. Thoughts?

The bus is slow today, but my big moonshoe overshoes are great! Warm, dry and salt free. Go get some...and if you are still making fun of me, go fuck yourself.


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Jennifer said...

April or May is fine for us I think. Let me know if you want to crash here.