Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

This is the first time in many years I've been in a relationship on Valentine's Day. Yesterday, Mike humored me by allowing me to plan the day and keep it a total secret from him. We started off by taking a cooking class at the Chopping Block. It was an appetizer class and we were partnered with a young couple -- there seemed to be a lot of douche bags in the other groups, so I'm glad we got partnered as we did.

After nearly 3 hours of class, we headed out for a quick sandwich then a visit to the Chicago Architecture Foundation, to see the new model of the City. It's pretty cool -- if you are local, go see it. After that we walked up Michigan Avenue, just enjoying the City (it was a relatively warm and beautiful day). The next planned stop was at Vermillion, the site of our first date. We had a couple cocktails then we headed off to dinner. I made reservations at Japonais, a nice sushi place in River North. We had a really nice dinner -- with lots of food and a bit more wine.

After dinner I took Mike to the Zebra Lounge. Since we have only been dating a few months, we are still learning a lot about each other. The plan for Valentine's Day was to show Mike "my Chicago". I think I succeeded. We had a very nice time. After everything I planned, we decided to go meet a couple of Mike's friends for drinks.

We got up early (9am) this morning and headed down to Chinatown to celebrate Chinese New Year with my friends L & KG (et al). Chinatown was a mess -- so many people who didn't know where they were going. We had good food many laughs.

I'm exhausted and need a nap -- probably shouldn't take one now though -- I'll just go to bed early tonight.

Big week at work -- I am interviewing 4 people to fill the position of the guy I fired last Wednesday. I'm spending a lot of my time doing both my job and his job now -- lovely. Let's hope the interview process is smooth and we get that position filled.

I also watched The Hangover today. It was absolutely hilarious. I would argue it is one of the best movies of 2009 -- hands down.


David said...

External interviewee's, or people you know of already?

Sounds like a good valentines, ours was less blogworthy. nice day here too, got the dogs out in the snow for a while.

gotta love Zach Galifianakis.

Jennifer said...

We watched The Hangover for the first time last week and we too thought it was great. We just got back from our Valentines. Joe surprised Jackson and I with dinner downtown at our nice little steak house. Jackson was all dressed up, I'll post pics on FB.

Hope the interviews go well!