Friday, May 28, 2010


It is finally here. As I write this I sit at the bus stop waiting to go to work. It is sunny and beautiful, with a light breeze. A perfect day to play hookie. Our office closes at 3pm today, so I can't really complain.

EAD and JFB are visiting this weekend for IML (google it). Not really my thing, but I love hanging out with the boys. Mike and I intend on going to the "mart" with the guys on Sunday and that's about it. Of course meals and drinks will be had.

One of my Best Year Yet goals was to get out and do something new outside each month. So far this year I have rented bikes in Palm Springs, took a self guided walking tour of downtown LA, explored Boston's freedom trail (and went to a Red Sox game) then last weekend we explored the Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago. When I set this goal I intended it to be more active, like hiking, biking, running races, etc. As today is a short day at the office I plan on heading home and getting my golf clubs and spend a couple hours at the driving range. Tomorrow at noon I have my first tennis lesson...we will see how that goes. I bought 6 lessons through Groupon, so if I hate it I don't feel all that badly about it when I quit. :)

Things with Mike and I are going well. This weekend marks the 6 month anniverary of our first date. That's pretty impressive, I think. We've had one fight, and of course it was about something dumb. We've traveleed together and haven't killed each other. We have a couple more trips already in the queue: PDX for JDEs wedding, San Juan (SJU????) For JFBs birthday, then Portugal for a vacation. I haven't had a Europe stamp in my passport since 2000...I am very embarrassed.

Let me know what you all are doing for the holiday. Enjoy it!

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