Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Coming to an End

This week marks the end of my house being empty. No, I am not adopting 4 Kenyan babies, instead my mother returns on Saturday. It won't be bad though. We still get along well, as long as her sister isn't being a horribly unhealthy influence. My biggest issur with my Aunt (other than her blatant and scorching racism) is her diet totally void of nutritional value. Biscuits and donuts (and soda) do not make a healthy body.

While my mom is in W. Va. She chooses to drink only sweet tea and soda, no water or juice. She eats macaroni and cheese 4+ times a week and their dining out options include KFC, Shoneys, Cracker Barrel and a local Southern Comfort Food Chain...if you listen closely you can hear your arteries clog just thinking about it.

I am no health food freak myself, but I do eat lots of fruits and lean protein, stay away from red meat, cream sauces and fried foods too. Of course I do treat myself to these murderous things from time to time. Hell, my mom doesn't drink (unlike me), so she's got that going for her.

Hopefully this stint at home will have her doing something other than sleeping and shopping for clothes she never wears (because she never leaves the house). I have received lots of advice from people on this issue, most of which is "Make her do something". I find that type of advice very short sighted. How? I live my life and encourage her to join me when I do things, but she says no...or if she has too much notice she dwells on all the things that can go wrong and doesn't sleep the night before...then all bets are off.

Here is hoping we all see a change in her upon her return.

In addition to mommas return, JXC and JDE are coming for a visit this week. JXC arrives tonight late night and JDE arrives tomorrow afternoon. I was unable to go to his bachelor party this weekend so I am taking them out to the cubs game tomorrow night, then going to the track on Friday afternoon. Should be lots of fun.

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