Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Lovely August Day

Today started off with me going to the dentist, a task so many people hate, but I really love it. If I could go once a month (and have insurance pay) I would. My traditional post dentist ritual is going to see a movie, but today I am breaking tradition by going to Xoco (the Rick Bayless torta restaurant). Such fantastic food, the line for a sandwich is at least 30 mins, but it is worth it.

My plan for the day is to perhaps buy a new carry-on bag, and hit the driving range. I am going golfing next Thursday and I need some more practice. I will attempt to coax my mom out to do. Bit of mini golf, as that was on her list of things to do this summer (the only thing on her list, actually). Should be fun.

Tonight is dinner with JM and Mike at La Tache, a great little bistrot on Andersonville, that is closing in two weeks to be reinvented as a Dutch inspired restaurant (what exactly is Dutch inspired? I do not know, and neither do the servers).

I can feel the summer starting to wind down, which fills me with lots of sadness. I do not know why though. I love the fall, and the winter is fun for a while. I crossed off most of the things on my 'must do' list, which fills me with a sense of accomplishment. I think it is the nasty darkness that makes me most hate the end of summer. I don't know how I survive the grey Oregon fall/winters before.

Fall is tomorrow, summer is today-enjoy today while we still have it.

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Jennifer said...

I love love love Rick Bayless, I wish I could just have him be a personaly chef for us :) Summer seems to be hanging on here, it's been really nice. Looking forward to seeing you soon!