Sunday, December 26, 2010

Best Year Yet 2011

I have finalized my Best Year Yet (BYY) 2011 Plan. If you are unfamiliar with BYY, follow the link and see what it's all about. You don't have to pay the $99.99 for the online fee -- just buy the book and follow along -- or I can guide you thought the process and help you make 2011 your Best Year Yet.

Part of the plan is to find the 8 key roles that you play in your life (or that you wish you played in your life). My roles are: Risk Manager, Writer/Photographer, Adventurer, Boyfriend (hate this term), Son, Head of Household, Friend, Tim/Self/My CEO (whatever you want to call focusing on your self).

Under each of these roles you then put together a list of goals that you want to accomplish in the coming year. Here are my goals per role:

Risk Manager
  • Pass 3 CPCU Exams
  • Grow Professional Network
  • Attend RIMS (Local/National) Events
  • Teach Team Insurance Coverages/Basics
  • Learn to fully utilize STARS (our Risk IT system)
  • Learn basics of claim handling
Writer/Photographer -- This is a role that I like to do, but am not really active in
  • Buy new camera and learn to use it by 1/31/2011
  • Write/Blog 3x weekly
  • Actively journal all vacations while traveling
  • Research travel magazines and article submission guidelines by 2/28/2011
  • Submit 2 Travel Photos and 1 Travel Article to magazine by 12/31/2011
Adventurer -- My definition here is broad -- basically the point is to get out of any boring routines and try new things regularly
  • Take 3 classes in new subject by 12/31/2011 (Photo, Writing, Cooking, Dancing/Salsa, etc)
  • Try 3 new outdoor activities this year (local or traveling)
  • Attend RIMS Events and actively mingle with new people
  • Visit 8 never before visited restaurants in Chicago by 12/31/2011
  • Golf 1x monthly from May-October
  • Visit driving range 12x between March-November
Boyfriend -- I am omitting the goals from the blog because they are not just related to me, it's both me and Mike and it's not fair to post my goals for us on a public forum.

  • Spend 2 quality nights/month with mom
  • Encourage mom to get out of the house and live her life
  • Provide mom a list of locations/things to do (without details) for mom to research in 2011 (intend of joining her on some of these things)
Head of Household
  • Create list of improvements to home by 2/28/2011
  • Budget for additional house payment by 3/31/2011
  • Organize Closets/Pantries/Public Areas Quarterly
  • Create master list of household chores and stick to it (things like replace furnace filters, smoke detector batteries, winterizing, summerizing, etc)
Tim/Self/My CEO
  • Pick 3 personal books and read them (ask friends for advice on books) by 12/31/2011
  • Plan health improvements including nutrition, exercise by 1/31/2011
  • Create health metrics to track progress by 1/15/2011
  • Track health metrics monthly
  • Read the magazines you subscribe to within 10 days of their arrival
  • Meditate for 20 minutes 2x weekly or do Yoga alone weekly
  • Find a new charity to work with (find 6 charities and intro events by 3/31/2011)
Friend -- Omitting this as well, because this is my perception of how I handle the world and how I want to handle it going forward. My perceptions are not meant to indicate how others should react -- so my thoughts might make some people feel inadequate in this you aren't seeing any of it.

The next step of BYY is to complete a master list of 10 goals -- or your Top 10 Goals for 2011. This doesn't mean that the above mentioned goals aren't important or we are forgetting them, the list below is just the things that are most important in 2011.

Top 10 Goals:
  1. Make friends a visible priority
  2. Schedule 2 hours of "Tim Time" weekly
  3. Provide love and support for Mom
  4. Spend more time being creative -- photography, blog, personal journaling, painting
  5. Expand Risk Management knowledge through study and networking
  6. Focus on "us" when spending time with Mike
  7. Try one new thing monthly
  8. Improve "house" to "home"
  9. Practice Gold Time Management Weekly (tons of articles, just google it)
  10. Omitted on Blog
So this is my basic Best Year Yet plan for 2011. There is much more that goes into this, but you can see where I am and what I am planning in 2011. I endeavor to provide monthly updates...if I don't, please email/SMS me and ask for a status update.

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Jennifer said...

This is awesome, I really need to do this for myself. I always seem to work better with a plan. You're so awesome Tim :)