Sunday, December 26, 2010

One Three Day Weekend Down

Today is the final day of my three day weekend. This is the first time in years that I've spent a three day weekend in Chicago without guests in years. It's nice and also a bit unnerving. To keep myself sane, I decided to make a list of things that needed to get done this weekend. Some of these things are pretty lame "To-Dos", but they still made my list:
  • Clean litter box
  • Tighten bolts on bar stools
  • Organize hall closet
  • Read magazine backlog
  • Finish Best Year Yet
  • Read Body For Life
  • Confirm all CDs are in iTunes
  • Organize bathroom cabinet
  • Buy Christmas wrapping paper (on sale)
  • Buy new camera
  • Take down Christmas tree
  • Dispose of Christmas cards
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Balance checkbook/pay bills
  • Be Creative -- (see follow up post discussing BYY)
  • Plan Cape Town
  • Plan Victoria Falls
  • Watch regular holiday movies (Christmas Story, Miracle on 34th, It's A Wonderful Life)
  • Watch netflix movies in house (Gran Torino)
  • Watch 3 Favorite Movies (Fight Club, Talented Mr. Ripley, Foul Play)
I did all but the following: Clean Litter Box (it will be done tonight, I promise, Lilly), Take down Christmas Tree/Cards. All in all, pretty damn successful, I'd say.

I haven't even worked at all this weekend, which is quite surprising. I checked email only once and nothing but mailing list emails arrived. How great. This next week is another short week, but we have so much to do at work and I'm the only one on the team in the office this week. It will be a good week -- I'm excited to close out 2010 and kick off 2011 on a positive note.

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