Monday, December 30, 2013

I'm Moving!

I’m moving!  No, I’m not getting out of Chicago. I’ve decided to move my blog. Not only am I moving away from I am changing names too.  I came up with the name of Life and Times of Tim in 2007 – which ended up being the name of a short lived HBO show.

I’ve decided to change the blog name to Tim-Foolery.  I find it to be mildly clever and is much less of a mouthful compared to the Life and Times of Tim – agreed?  The blog content will continue to focus on the following:

  • Travel
    • Reviews of Trips, including airlines, hotels and experiences
    • Points/Miles/Promotions
  • Food
    • Recipes/Cooking
    • Restaurant Reviews
    • Wine/Cocktails
  • Home
    • Design
    • Garden
Where can you find my new blog, you ask?  Point your browser to:  Go ahead and update your apps/readers now.  I’ll be sure to post blog updates on both the new site and the legacy site for a while , but in a few weeks the old site will go dark.

I’m looking forward to this change and hope you all enjoy it too.  I also look forward to your thoughts and opinions of the new site – including both content and design.  Let me know your thoughts - but remember, whenever you move it takes a little while to get things setup the way you like...

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